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Los Palitos is an organization created with the purpose of offering a unique approach to travel in Belize and Guatemala.

Fishing boat approaching Caye Caulker

In our experience living and working in the region, we have noticed that it is easy to get lost as "one of the pack" in the average tourist trips - and that there are many people who are looking for alternative ways of experiencing this area outside of these average trips. As a result, we created an organization that offers services to those who are looking beyond the average.

All of our programs are custom-designed and vary from alternative family vacations to intensive cultural immersions. We emphasize person-to-person interactions in all of these experiences, and challenge our participants to engage in a new world that is perhaps less 'foreign' than they had expected.

Stepping outside the comfort zone is one of the surest ways of growing in our understanding of a world larger than ourselves. Be it in service or vacation, the most significant change we can enact through our travel is allowing ourselves to be transformed by the experience. Whether it is your first experience out of your home country or you are a well-seasoned traveler, we believe that each experience, if properly cultivated, will contribute one step in your growth as a truly global citizen.

We are able to create many types of programs and experiences for you, all of which are completely custom-designed to suit your needs and interests. Please peruse the various portions of this website and contact us for further information as needed. We look forward to beginning the conversation with you.